Each year of the Cub Scout program your boy or girl will be in a different level starting with Tigers and proceeding through Wolves, Bears and WEBELOS. Each year the Scout will be required to update their uniform for the relevant year as well as obtain that years handbook.

What do I need for a uniform?

Each scout has a set of requirements for their uniform at each level of scouting. You can find the scouting requirements for uniforms by clicking here and then reviewing the Pack 4 exceptions / recommendations below.

  • Tiger Scout or higher when purchasing your first navy blue shirt it is recommended you purchase a shirt that is several sizes larger. The shirt can be tucked in and used for multiple years until they get to WEBELOS and/or crossover to a Troop.
  • Pack 4 does not require scouts to purchase the BSA scout pants/shorts. Scouts can wear any navy blue dress shorts (or cargo shorts) and/or jeans.
  • The Wolf belt can be used for Wolves, Bears and WEBELOS. The Wolf is the official icon of the Cub Scouts.
  • WEBELOS may continue to wear their navy blue uniform shirt/shorts/pants. Optionally, if you have out grown your navy blue gear, and/or plan on continuing on into a Troop it would be recommended to switch to the tan/green uniforms (with a larger shirt) as these can be used when they join a Troop.
  • Sneakers are always preferred for most scouting events weather permitting.

What handbook?

Each scout year has a specific handbook which will cover the activities and requirements for the given scout level (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear and WEBELOS). These books can easily be identified by their animal counter part on the cover and obtained at the scout store or online at http://www.scoutstuff.org/.

Where can I purchase the items I need?

Scouting goods can be purchased online at: http://www.scoutstuff.org/ or at the closest Scout Shop which is …

New England Scout Shop

Click here to see it on Google Maps

Do families ever hand down their past year uniforms?

Each year we ask families if they wish to donate their past year uniforms for new incoming scouts and/or families that may need assistance affording uniforms. Please contact your den leader and/or the cub master if you have any questions.


Please contact your den leader and/or the cub master if you have any questions.